Bucks County Psychiatric Care

Dr. Donald A Rauh’s psychiatric practice serves the Newtown, Yardley, Doylestown and New Hope areas in Bucks County, PA and also is conveniently located near Princeton, NJ and Mercer County.

Dr. Rauh has over 30 years of experience in medical research and patient care.  After college, he completed an M.D., Ph.D.  program. His interests in research led to his working as the Director of Technology Planning at Technicare, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).  He later became the Director of Clinical Development at another J&J subsidiary developing novel imaging agents.  Recognizing that his most fundamental drive was to directly help people heal and grow, he was motivated to undertake and complete a Residency in Psychiatry and a Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Early during his Ph.D. work, Dr. Rauh realized that no one could fully understand anything in the body without a comprehensive understanding of the whole.  Everything is connected.  This interconnectedness underlies his practice.  The way we think affects our body and brain, and the way we treat our body affects how we think.  Dr. Rauh helps his patients understand these connections and helps them optimize even subtle aspects of their lives.  Treatment usually involves some combination of psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and life style enhancement.

In psychotherapy, Dr. Rauh helps patients feel safe enough to discuss their thoughts, feelings, sensations, and behaviors.  The office has even been constructed to enhance confidentiality and your sense of safety.  When someone shares their thoughts with a therapist, both can “look” at the thoughts, and the objectivity of the other can be helpful.  The safety of the environment makes it easier to explore thoughts and feelings and their meanings and origins, and later to shift them in directions more congruent with the patient’s desires.  Dr. Rauh understands that treatment is a collaborative process.  You will always know more of what is inside of you than will any therapist.  As the collaboration grows, patients can see and manage more of themselves.

When medication is indicated, it’s choice is also a collaborative process.  The patient knows more of their symptoms which may include depression, anger, panic, obsessions or compulsions, than does Dr. Rauh.  Dr. Rauh knows more of the nuances of medications than does the patient.  By discussing these factors together, Dr. Rauh and the patient can choose a good fit for the patient.

Each patient is an individual and no two cases are the same.  Dr. Rauh works with each patient to meet their individual needs.  In rare cases, Dr. Rauh has alleviated depression just by adding particular vitamins or supplements.

In summary, Dr. Rauh sees treatment as a collaborative process enhanced by confidentiality and concern for a patient’s safety and individuality.


The best way to reach Dr. Rauh is via telephone at

(215) 860-6101