Dr. Rauh believes that the best treatment derives from decisions made collaboratively between a doctor and the patient.  Insurance companies frequently seek to dictate treatment based on routine algorithms that may not be in the best interest of an individual patient.  These algorithms may arise from clinical studies (evidence based medicine) that enroll patients with so many exclusion and inclusion requirements that the results apply to at most 25% of patients seen by clinical psychiatrists.  To offer the most appropriate care to his patients, Dr. Rauh has refused to participate in any “insurance panels.”

Patients who plan to use insurance benefits to cover a portion of the cost of treatment should ensure they have met any prior authorization or referral requirements of their insurance plans. These requirements may be waived or modified by the insurance company if the patient insists that the network physician is not appropriate, based on requirements such as location or practice specialty. (For example, the network physician may be 40 miles away.)

Prior Authorizations can take much time away from patient care.  Please be aware that fees will be charged for the time required to complete Prior Authorizations